Friday, 18 December 2009

What do we Have left

Everyone Know the Health care plan has been waterred down, but what do we have Left. The public option has been removed and medicare buy in has been taken out as well, thank To blue dog demacrates. We can also blame a lot Mr Flip flopper, Joe Leiborman, for his hold out to kill any health care for the kids and working poor of America.

IF the bill is passed as it is now we will be required to buy health insurance and no one can be kicked from thier insurance plan because the gotton sick or had been sick in the past and they can't kick you because your health care cost has gone up. This is the good things about the bill, but lets look at the small print and see what is there.

Starting with the pre existing conditions, because they would not be able to kick you out, but they can raise your cost up to triple the normal pay. That being said, if your cost is 500 to 800 a month it could jump to 1500 to 2400 a month according to Dr. Howard Dean. Doing the math that is 18,000 dollars and up as a annual cost.

I know what you're thinking... "I'm not going to pay that much a year for health care. I'm not going to get health insurance." Quess what? You're still going to be required to buy health insurance if you want it or not.

On a positive note, there will be "Not For Profit" insurance companies out there for the poor and working poor. So, if you don't want to go with the evil insurance companies you've got options. Also, before a regular insurance company can charge you triple they have to prove they you're uninsurable or a high risk patient and it would cost you more.

Finally, if this watterred down bill is passed, they can take it to commity and make changes to it before it is put into action. So they can add in the public option, the trigger public option or even something better to help the people. That being said, I hope that is thier plan, but right now the bill scares the hell out of me at this point.


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